Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

Laser Assisted Peridontal Therapy also known as LAPT is a laser decontamination therapy that decontaminates gums through the use of a high powered minimally invasive pain free laser treatment. This therapy eliminates the need for bacteria to form further down the line. It is effective for those who are prone to gum disease and periodontitis.


With LAPT, the laser light is designed to target and eliminate the most common bacteria that lives around and inside the gum tissue. When you build up excess tartar and calculus, usually from inflammation and bleeding of the gums the laser can exacerbate the healing process. It is a non invasive, non surgical pain free and safe approach to gum health and can overall help treat gum disease. In Conjunction with a deep scaling and root planing, it only benefits the gums to get them back in its health state. Gingival Irrigation is also performed to help eliminate bacteria from forming in conjunction with the laser treatment. Once complete your gums will be restored then regular 3 month cleanings are recommended to monitor the gum tissue. If you are worrked about your gum health, talk to Fulton Dental today about the latest technology and options for treatment to restore your smile today!


Unlike any other dental tools, casers can target the source of inflammation in the gums without harming or removing healthy tissue. This makes it possible to slow or stop attachment loss and give your mouth the opportunity to recover from chronic infection. No use of sutures, scalpels, and drills where you can achieve optimal oral health without any fear, anxiety or discomfort.

  • Rapid healing and tissue regeneration
  • Reduced risk of infection after treatment
  • Less need for stitches and sutures
  • Less need for anesthesia
  • Minimal bleeding during and after treatment
  • Protection of natural tooth structures

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